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Pomegranate Guild > News & Events

This page relies on submissions from chapters for its news items about chapter meetings and projects. Please submit information about your events to Aaron Sanofsky.

Got News?

All Pomegranate Guild Chapters are asked to send a copy of their newsletters to the Editor of the Paper Pomegranate, National President and Education V.P. When sending your newsletter via e-mail, be sure and include the name of your chapter and the word "Pomegranate" in the subject line.

For information about specific events please contact the appropriate Chapter President (visit the Chapters page for email links).

September 2018

September 4th - Pioneer Valley Chapter: Cross-stitched Gelt Jar - Barbara Fritz-Elliot

September 5th - Masorot Chapter: UFO workshop

October 2018

October 3rd - Delaware Valley Chapter & Masorot Chapter: Heart of the Silk Road, Kathy Kaplan

October 3rd - Pioneer Valley Chapter: Sashiko Embroidery - Barbara Fritz-Elliot

October 12th - Masorot Chapter: Masorot Exhibition, Congregation Beth Or

November 2018

November 1st - Delaware Valley Chapter: Jewish Holidays in Needleworkat, Mkor Shalom

November 6th - Pioneer Valley Chapter: Quilts & Treasures fall special

November 7th - Masorot Chapter: "Olives" Silk threads on silk fabric - Bonnie Bachich

December 2018

December 4th - Pioneer Valley Chapter: Papercutting 101 - Barbara Sanofsky

December 6th - Delaware Valley Chapter: Tzedakah projects, blankets & Preemie hats

December 16th - Delaware Valley Chapter & Masorot Chapter: Seven Species of Israel - Dr. Rita Altman-Weinberger

January 2019

January 2nd - Pioneer Valley Chapter: Stitch-in

January 3rd - Delaware Valley Chapter: UFOs workshop

January 9th - Masorot Chapter: Creating blankets - Faye Benshetler

February 2019

February 5th - Pioneer Valley Chapter: TBD

February 6th - Masorot Chapter: Pomegranate Iris Folding - Marlene Snyder

February 7th - Delaware Valley Chapter: Maraviglia Star design - Fradele Feld

March 2019

March 5th - Pioneer Valley Chapter: TBD

March 6th - Masorot Chapter: Refuah Shlema cross-stitch pillow - Karen Moses

March 7th - Delaware Valley Chapter: Healing Amulet Workshop - Arlene Salkin

April 2019

April 2nd - Pioneer Valley Chapter: TBD

April 3rd - Masorot Chapter: Wheat on Canvas Tote Bag - Ellen Manson

April 4th - Delaware Valley Chapter: Embroidered Family Portrait - Vivian Lewis

May 2019

May 7th - Pioneer Valley Chapter: TBD

May 19th - Delaware Valley & Masorot Joint Meeting

May 26th - 28th: Convention 2019, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

June 2019

June 4th - Pioneer Valley Chapter: Luncheon planning and sharing meeting

June 5th - Masorot Chapter: Blackwork Sampler bookmark - Arlene Diane Spector

June 6th - Delaware Valley Chapter: Wheat Applique - Ellen Manson

July 2019

July 23rd - New England Chapters Joint Meeting

Last Updated: September 3, 2018

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